Most insomniacs take a pill to get the sleep they need – but those who succeed are going a little deeper

If you’re like lots of high achievers I know, then you’re probably grabbing your nightly 40 winks by prescription medication… or some other over the counter sleep aid. 

That’s definitely one way of getting a good amount of sleep… as they can treat distressing sleep disorders –  like insomnia.

But let me address the elephant in the room…


All prescription pills have side effects.


Not to mention the risk of addiction…

You know what I’m talking about, right?




You waste so much time and money masking the real problem, all whilst trying to function in everyday life walking around in a fog of self-medicated haze.



It’s 7 am. The alarm is blaring. You’re just waking up after only getting 2 hours of sleep.


You lay there with a racing heart. You feel shaky. You can’t think straight… I need coffee!


You mentally check off what’s on today’s agenda and sigh. You don’t have the energy for any of this.


By midday, the struggle is very real. Brain fog won’t leave. Your chest is TIGHT, and suddenly, you’re having heart palpitations that squeeze you. Don’t even mention the heaviness under your eyes… am I dying?


Clock watching anxiety kicks in as you struggle to string a coherent sentence together. Your colleagues look at you like… hello, are you ok, hun?


And all of this BEFORE your new client kick-off call… best put on my happy face.


It’s enough to make you want to stop the planet and jump off 


But hang on a hot minute – it doesn’t have to be this way… 


Instead of queuing up at the pharmacy for your monthly dose of sedatives OR fidgeting your way through another relaxation meditation, imagine if you were able to fall asleep instantly (and stay asleep)… like when you were a kid. 

Sounds good, right?



How would you feel if you could…

  • Jump out of bed refreshed every.single.morning
  • Power through your day full of energy… you may even win that new client as you’re ON FIRE raring to go!
  • Generally feel more positive and less cranky…even without 50 cups of coffee. 
  • Have next level, high-intensity concentration skills for creating the next money maker in your business.
  • Reconnect to the extraordinary confidence you were born with.
  • Be the healthiest you’ve ever been because sleeping soundly every night is your new normal.

Ditch the meds and pop the bubbly!

Who am I, exactly?


Leanne is an award-winning clinical lead within the NHS, a therapist, hypnotherapist, and sleep consultant, with over 15 years’ experience of working within mental health supporting both adults and children.

During this time, Leanne has seen first-hand how sleep is a key component to our mental well-being and overall functioning, through both her work within various mental health services and her own lived experience in which her own sleep issues once greatly impacted her life.

 Leanne is passionate about sleep and helping others to resolve their sleep issues and is often presenting to numerous different professionals all over the south of England. She can also be found as a guest speaker on podcasts, talking about all things sleep and helping professionals and entrepreneurs overcome their sleep issues without the need for medication or years of therapy.  

Leanne currently resides in the county of Kent, UK with her partner and enjoys timeout in the countryside walking with her Pug.


I do so much more than your typical Sleep Consultant.

My approach uses a combination of therapies including NLP, CBT, advanced hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to produce rapid results in revealing the root cause of your sleep disorder… and rewiring that cause so you can finally sleep like a baby.

We work together holistically to jumpstart your journey to sleeping soundly… even if you’ve tried everything (and failed) in the past.

Let’s work together… because it’s not about counting sheep or drinking warm milk before bed.

3 Month Transformation*

A 3 - month transformational therapy and coaching package that will help you to harness the power of the mind to bring healing to the body.


What’s included?


  • An in-depth discovery call so you can tell me all about you
  • 2 x hybrid therapy sessions to get to the root cause of your sleep issue and release you from it
  • 2 x 30-minute coaching calls where together we will master your goals and get you thriving forwards
  • A personalised audio recording to lock in the changes you make in the session
  • A 30 minute follow up call to celebrate you and all you’ve achieved
  • 24/7 access to online support from me so you’re not doing any of this alone
Investment starting at £500

6 Month Transformation*

A 6 - month transformational therapy and coaching package that will help you to harness the power of the mind to bring healing to the body.


What’s included?

  • An in-depth discovery call so you can tell me all about you.
  • 3 x hybrid therapy sessions to get to the root cause of your sleep issue and release you from it.
  • 2 x 30-minute coaching calls where together we will master your goals and get you thriving forwards.
  • Personalised audio recording(s) to lock in the changes you make in the session.
  • A 30 minute follow up call to celebrate you and all you’ve achieved.
  • 24/7 access to online support from me so you’re not doing any of this alone.
Investment starting at £500

*Disclaimer - we work together to tackle your sleep issues (as this is my expertise) and this is usually resolved in the first 1-2 sessions however, other “stuff” may come up for you, which we can then use the remaining sessions to work through. We will discuss this together when you book the discovery call.

The Transformational Process...


Book a discovery call

This is the first initial step to sleeping well to living well.

We dive deep into who you are, what you really want and how we can get you there.


Hybrid Therapy

I combine NLP, hypnotherapy, CBT, Psychotherapy and energy work in my approach to your sleep health and well-being. 

This is a combo not to be missed.




Coaching and therapy is the secret sauce to your success.

Together we tackle what’s keeping you stuck and how we’re going to get you from feeling frazzled to lively. 



How’s it feel to be sleeping soundly and bursting with energy? 

Pretty good, I’m guessing! This is where we celebrate you and all the inner work you’ve done.

‘Tired Minds Don’t Plan Well. Sleep First. Plan Later’ 

- Walter Reisch

Still don’t know if this is right for you?

You’ll love working with me if…

  • You suffer from insomnia, sonophobia, anxiety or stress.
  • You’re committed and ready to show up and do the work.
  • You’re aware of your sleep health and how this impacts the rest of your life.
  • You’re willing to invest in yourself and see the value in therapy.


I’m probably not for you if…

      • You have a physiological health condition such as epilepsy, bipolar psychosis or brain damage.
      • You don’t like to take responsibility for yourself.
      • You’d rather take prescription medication to help you sleep.
      • You don’t believe in investing in your overall health.



          Got questions? I’ve got answers…

          Will I still be in control of myself?

          You’re not alone in thinking this; it’s quite a common fear I come across when speaking to my clients. Most people are terrified to really submit to the relaxation of hypnosis and surrender entirely into a trance-like state. They believe they will no longer control themselves and can be manipulated by the hypnotherapist. 


          But rest assured that you are still fully in control of yourself when relaxed in hypnosis. You enter a unique altered state of consciousness but are still very much aware of your surroundings and inner state. You still have free will, so no one can take control of you and make you do silly things!

          Can I be hypnotised without my consent?

           Absolutely not! It is an area of concern for many people who don’t know much about hypnotherapy. But don’t worry, no one can hypnotise you without your consent. Hypnosis isn’t magic; it’s a state of intense relaxation. If you don’t want to be, you won’t relax and enter a hypnotic state. The process of entering a hypnotic state takes some time because it will take time for your body and mind to reach the deep relaxation necessary for hypnosis. You can stop the hypnosis session at any time during the process if you’re not comfortable or if you don’t want to continue. 


          You’ve probably seen hypnosis done in films or on TV where the hypnotist snaps their fingers, and the person immediately falls into a trance and seems under a spell. That’s not how hypnosis works.

          What happens if I can't come out of hypnosis?

          It’s physically impossible for that to happen because you are not unconscious at any point during the hypnosis. You will be in a deeply relaxed state but fully conscious; you can return to your normal awareness at any time that you want to. You can also return when given a verbal cue by the hypnotherapist. Sometimes, when you get the verbal cue to return from your hypnosis, you may not want to because the relaxed state feels so good. Think waking up from a peaceful, deep sleep where you had the best dream. You kind of want to stay there, right! 


          You’re always in control, even when deep in a hypnotic state, and will always be able to wake up fully.

          Is hypnosis real?

          I get this question a lot! Many people are sceptical about hypnosis at first. But usually, that’s because they don’t understand how hypnosis is used for medical and psychological treatments. Hypnosis is not some crazy New Age therapy.

          It’s a legitimate therapeutic technique that has been used with proven success to treat medical and psychological disorders in millions of people. Anyone can be treated with hypnosis, and in most cases, hypnosis is a very effective treatment for many different disorders. Hypnosis has a long history of treating illness; it’s not a new or untested therapy.

          How many sessions will I need?

          You most likely will need more than one session with a hypnotherapist to solve your problem, depending on what it is. Most people see noticeable results after just one session.

          Is hypnosis safe?

          Hypnosis is perfectly safe. You are always in control of the situation, and you are never unconscious. Unlike drug therapies, hypnosis has no possible side effects. In most people, hypnosis always works, unlike drugs that may work or may not work depending on your body’s chemistry and disorder.

          Hypnosis can safely treat the physical and mental aspects of common problems like addictions. It can help you break your physical and emotional dependence on overeating, smoking, drinking, drama, anger, or any other destructive addition that you might have.

          What is HeartHealing™?

          HeartHealing™ is a revolutionary integrative healing approach that combines scientific, spiritual and energetic principles for more profound shifts than most scientific-based methods.


          Most methods in the transformational industry focus on the power of the mind, and whereas mind transformation can be powerful, it is only one layer. HeartHealing focuses on the most radical and powerful transformation you can ever experience: healing your heart. Your heart holds the wisdom to what is holding you back and reveals the hidden wounds your mind cannot see. According to quantum physics research, the heart has an energetic frequency 5000 stronger than the mind (Joe Dispenza). So it makes sense that healing your heart creates a much more significant transformation than just healing your mind. It is the powerful blend of Mind & Heart, Masculine & Feminine, Scientific & Spiritual. 


          It also imprints changes at a soul level by incorporating spiritual techniques and wisdom from its pioneer, Natasha Bray, world-leading Success Mastery Coach and Master HeartHealing™ Therapist. Natasha has a 15-year history in transforming lives and helping people overcome blocks, inner wounds and trauma that are holding them back and causing them to sabotage their success in life, love and career.